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    3GL ERP for Fleet Management
    manage your Fleet and Transport business with efficiency
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    eresource BatchPro streamline
    business operations for Batch Manufacturing
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    eresource ERP for Trading Intelligently
    Integrated ERP system for Trading
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    eresource Nfra For Construction
    and Infrastructure ERP ON DEMAND
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    Xcel Manufacturing ERP Software
    Powerful too to Grow your business faster

eresource Nfra - ERP for Construction Industry

eresource Nfra is a brilliantly integrated ERP system for construction of Infrastructure that brings about profit for builders and contractors in a construction project. The system has been linked with every aspect from sub-contractors to materials and out-sourcing jobs, and from plant management to mobile assets and labour. Construction industry being a variegated one, faces many challenges at every... Read more

eresource Xcel - ERP for Manufacturing Industry

eresource Xcel Manufacturing Software offers solutions that empowers manufacturers to strive and succeed in today’s aggressive business environment.The software facilitates functionality to the extent that the solution can be readily adapted to support a wide range of Operations, Execution and style.eresource is designed with operational efficacy in mind. Operational efficiency requires... Read more

eresource eTrade - ERP for Trading

eresource ERP system is a pre-eminent web-based enterprise solution for all trading businesses. This ERP package consists of integrated business application with improvised decision making-tools. eresource ERP trading system provides an end-to-end solution that systematizes trading. The ERP module controls every aspect of business from order management, operations... Read more