ERP for Contracting & Infrastructure

ERP for Contracting and Infrastructure

eresource has designed NFRA, an ERP system that simplifies complex contractor processes. It helps build process capital which in turn affects customer capital, preparing the organization to survive in todays’ competitive market environment. The system introduces its user to new technology that elevates their organizations overall business process. It eases and strengthens internal communication and coordination of an organization and provides a team of experts that work closely with the organization in devising more efficient operational plans for their business.

The system provides employees of its user organization with increased freedom, authority and responsibility, making them more aware of their role and pushes them to execute their best individual performance. In this manner, the employees work efficiently on an independent level while simultaneously keeping track of and collaborating with their co-workers’ performance. It is a great confidence booster for the employees and promotes transparency and loyalty among the staff of the organization.

eresource nfra keeps the relationship healthy inside the organization due to its transparent functioning. Most of the departments face issue when it comes to coordination and getting the work done within a period of time. However, eresource ERP makes thighs simple for them and delivers them the right solution to keep a detailed web record of the work which is carried out in the organization. It takes very less time for the organization members to adapt and adjust with the functioning of the software.

Construction Model View
  • Admin & Master
  • BOQ Management
  • Billing & Contract
  • Customer Relationship (CRM)
  • Project Budgetting
  • Account & Finance
  • Inventory & Stores
  • Material Requirement Plannning
  • Purchase Management
  • On-Site Engineer Portal
  • Sub-Contractor Workorder
  • Project Planning & Control