ERP for Electronics Manufacturing

ERP for Electronic Manufacturing

Xcel would serve as an ideal ERP system for electronic manufacturing companies as it is integrated with essential modules that help its users streamline processes reduce cost and ensure optimum customer service. The system ensures its users organizations profitability and growth though flexibility, choice and agility in all strategic decisions and in leaning out unnecessary processes.

Some of the important benefits of Xcel to the electronic manufacturing industry include ensuring advance planning of production, systematic generation of multiple product bills, tracking facilities for product warranty, recall and traceability management, tracking of stored stock on the basis of serial number and lot, stock and order support facilities, quality management and easy use and configuration.

Benefits of eresource Xcel for Electronic Manufacturing
  • It can ensure advance planning of production.
  • The system generates multiple bills of materials.
  • Product warranty tracking facility.
  • Excellent recall and traceability management.
  • Serial number and lot tracking of the stored stock.
  • Appropriate stock and order support facility.
  • Quality management.
  • Easy to use and configure.