eresource 3GL- ERP Software For Fleet Management

eresource 3GL - ERP Software For Fleet Management

3GL- TOP Fleet Management Software in Africa

The confrontations faced by the Fleet Industry witnessed dawn and rapid changes with the advent of eresource’s Fleet Management ERP. eresource takes the credit to be the pioneer to evolve such an extensive and well integrated software for Fleet and Transport Industry. This ERP for Fleet Management is the most advanced Fleet Management ERP in Nigeria that would aid business growth with guaranteed return on investment.

Affordable and User friendly fleet ERP System

3GL is a user-friendly Vehicle or Fleet management software catering to turning small and medium sized fleet/transport management organizations into large, successful enterprises with guaranteed ROI. The fleet erp system provides functional and credible solutions for all vehicle operations, trucks, cars and other commercial vehicles, irrespective of the user organizations’ fleet strength. It helps overcome overhead expenses, unexpected break-fix scenarios and downtime from neglected fleet vehicles and equipment. It is a ready resource for fleet maintenance history, fuel usage, driver details and management of assets, inventory, LR as well as expenses associated with the organizations fleet of motor vehicle operations and other mechanical assets. 3GL is a powerful configuration Affordable ERP for Fleet management which allows the user to easily create individual vehicle configuration and maintenance plans.


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