ERP for LED Manufacturing Industry

eresource xcel can shed more light on LED Manufacturing Industry

The lighting manufacturing industry has made rapid advancements over the last few years and recently strayed away from manufacturing conventional light sources and moved on to the manufacturing of two-lead semiconductor light sources, popularly known as light emitting diode or LED. This light source has been introduced in the market as a way to conserve more energy and protect the environment. LED bulbs are durable, reliable and reduce total cost of electricity and maintenance to only 1/10th of the electricity and maintenance cost of a normal bulb. If all light sources were to be replaced by LEDs, it would save approximately 50 percent energy and 5 billion units of power every year.

eresource has designed Xcel, and ERP solution that is integrated with all important modules with flexible options to customize, add and modify features as per specific industry requirements. In the lighting industry most of the businessmen tend to make use of the software’s and solutions that are designed in the latest technology. Hence, to deliver the right solution at the right time eresource ERP has come up with exclusive ERP software called Xcel which will not only match to the parameters but at the same time help you in saving a lot of time and efforts.

eresource offers effective training sessions to familiarize users with the Xcel ERP system.