ERP for Machinery

eresource ERP for Machinery Manufacturing

Xcel offers an ERP system to manage all aspects of machinery manufacturing organizations logistics and supply chain. These organizations are required to ensure that certain components are issued to the appropriate work center at specific steps in the route of their production process. Xcel automates this process and provides its easy modification to the user. The system also automates and integrates core business processes such as taking customer orders, scheduling operations as well as keeping inventory records and financial data.

The ERP system offers some key benefits to the machinery manufacturing industry.

It helps increase overall performance through the integration of disparate business processes which benefits the user by ensuring coherence and avoiding duplication & discontinuity as well as duplication of employees’ work assignments in different parts of the organization.

By automating aspects of business processes, the ERP makes them faster, more efficient and less prone to error.

To realize the full benefits of an ERP system, it should be integrated into all aspects of the business such as customer service, planning & scheduling, and production & distribution of products. It should also extend beyond the organization and integrate with suppliers as well as customer systems to ensure full visibility and efficiency across the supply chain.

It enables its user to produce financial and boardroom quality reports as well as conduct analysis on the performance of the organization.

Machinery Manufacturing Model View
  • Customer Relationship (CRM)
  • Bill of Material Management
  • Material Production Scheduling
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Purchase Management
  • Production Management
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Jobwork Management
  • Plant Maintenance Management
  • Account & Finance
  • Human Resource Management