ERP for Steel Manufacturing

An ERP solution that is 'strong' as steel

Automation has become a common practice in the manufacturing industry to meet the increasing demand for a quality product. eresource’s web-based ERP system, namely Xcel, is specially designed advanced planning solution that caters to these needs of the discreet manufacturing industry, which includes the steel industry by streamlining challenges of heavy demand, regulating maintenance and other operational costs.

It also addresses the organizations production processes where its user can keep quick and easy track of multiple planning strategies and records as well as reduces the production and sales cycle substantially. The system streamlines the organizations supply chain and inventory management and simplifies its tracking method. It is also efficient with the flow of information within the organization, making sure that relevant information reaches every department and the relevant authorities and helps with timely decisions being made by the organizations employees, offering them with a fully transparent, 360-degree view of all critical processes and data.

Steel Manufacturing Model View
  • Customer Relationship (CRM)
  • Bill of Material Management
  • Material Production Scheduling
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Purchase Management
  • Production Management
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Jobwork Management
  • Plant Maintenance Management
  • Account & Finance
  • Human Resource Management