eresource Nfra - ERP Software For Construction Industry

eresource Nfra - ERP Software For Construction Industry

ERP Software Solution For Construction Industry
eresource Nfra - Construction and Infrastructure ERP

The construction industry today faces many challenges right from the process of project planning to execution of the project, such as project costing, efficiently coordinating agreements with suppliers, regulating contractor calls about high amounts of visible cash flow, pricing and more. These challenges may have to be managed correctly to ensure optimum success.

NFRA is a type of ERP system designed specifically for construction and infrastructure related businesses ensuring maximum profits for builders and contractors. It includes modules about outsourcing jobs, plant management, mobile assets and labour to name a few.

Infrastructure and construction ERP

eresource’s NFRA ERP for Construction in africa allows its user to the boost visibility and efficiency of their construction project. Companies in the construction industry around the globe are currently using this system and report to accredit having a smooth business operation with maximum ROI to this system.

NFRA simplifies business functions of a construction project for its user. It allows ease and transparency of functions such as land analysis and complex approvals & sanctions. It provides provisional assistance in identifying potential customers in advance and updates the NFRA user on these customers’ preferences.

A complete end to end solution

NFRA- erp for construction in Africa is an end-to-end construction ERP solution with clear visibility of both on-site and off-site related work. Complete visibility is required in the construction industry as it is known for cycles of growth & decline and high risks of cost over run.

An Automated Process- erp for construction industry and infrastructure

The NFRA ERP system in Africa processes business data electronically, thus, eliminating paper and manual processes which may prove to be is a cloud and web browser based ERP system, allowing easy access to its user anywhere at any time. Users can work with the system on real-time basis which provides easy work process and decision-making. The system is, therefore, time efficient and eases decision making for its user.

NFRA erp for construction industry and infrastructure includes essential modules to manage its users’ projects, accounting, sales & marketing, tenders and site management with a user-friendly layout. Some of the ERP for construction company features include generating accurate and timely invoices of completed work, providing details of daily progress through multi-site project management capabilities, an overview of accounting details, material management, warehouse management, tracking transport of heavy machines and more.

Multi-faceted construction and infrastructure erp System

The NFRA is erp software for construction company which primarily focused on multi-firm organizational structures, field service, repair & maintenance operations, diverse project management requirements and handling contract types suc as EPC, ERP in construction. These services can be extended to the oil and gas industry, making NFRA a multi-faceted system.

NFRA-erp for construction Africa aims to achieve controlled growth in the construction & infrastructure, oil & gas, manufacturing and chemical industries. The system was first introduced in India and is now also available in Gulf countries. It is now in the works of branching out to the African region. It is currently already used in a number of organization in Nigeria and Nairobi.

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