ERP Software for Electrical Contractor

ERP Software for Electrical Contractor

Electrical contracting is an essential part of the construction industry. eresource provides an ERP system, tailor-made for electrical contracting in the construction industry. The Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system can be a vital digital tool to ensure successful business operations.

The NFRA ERP system consists of a central database that controls and operates the storage, management and interpretation of data across various business units. It allows electrical contractors to successfully manage operations and provide multiple NFRA supported functions for large and complex business projects. It has become a must-have technology for businesses to flourish in today’s competitive market. It is advisable for SMB’s to opt for this affordable and user-friendly cloud-based system.

Cloud based ERP system for SMB’s

Most of the people have misconception that ERP system will cost you a lot but these days ERP solution has become one of the most important way to grow business at the same time get the best results within a suitable budget. Cloud-based ERP system has the ability to benefit the organization with the most affordable solution at the same time get the desired results within a span of time. If you choose Cloud-based ERP system like eresource Nfra for electrical contracting in Africa it will be a win-win situation for you.

Key Features : eresource Nfra ERP
  • Tendering Management
  • Work Order
  • Project Kick Start
  • Project Planning Management
  • Budgeting - Material, Labour, Site Exp
  • Material Requisition from Site Portal
  • Purchase Enquiry to Suppliers
  • Purchase Management
  • Tools Tracking Management
  • Material Pending for Consumption
  • Dashboard for Execution Team
  • Project Delay Report
  • Excel BOQ Upload
  • Drawing documents Attachment
  • Site Survey - Quantity Take off
  • Material Planning Management
  • Site Portal for Site Engineer
  • Material Procurement /Issues material
  • Supplier Quote Comparison
  • GRN - Site or Warehouse
  • Budget intimation
  • Labour Attendance Management
  • Dashboard for Finance
  • Project wise Profit & Loss
  • Measurement of Contractor work
  • Excess Qty Approval
  • Sub-contractor work order
  • Bills pending for Certification from Client
  • Material Demand Vs Supply
  • Customer billing Vs Contractor Billing
  • Dashboard for Project Team
  • Accounts Management
  • Site Expense with Approval Mechanism
  • Drawing Revision Track
  • Subcontract & Billing Management
  • Client Billing, Supply Bill, Installation

eresource ERP: Nfra Modules
  • Tendering Management
  • Project Budgeting
  • Site Execution Portal (SEP)
  • Sub Contractor Billing
  • Estimation Management
  • Material Take Off (MTO)
  • Material Requisition
  • Daily Progress
  • BOQ Management
  • Variation to Contract (VTC)
  • Site Store & Warehouse
  • Running Account Billing (RA Bill)
  • Work Order Management
  • Project Planning
  • Purchase Management
  • Accounts Management