eresource Partnership Program

eresource Partnership Program

eresource provides its partners with several programs that reward their total contributions with excellent value and sustainable revenue opportunities. eresource's authorized partner’s primary business model comprises of selling the complete eresource ERP solution system to customers. This role is preferable for IT companies with an excellent technical manpower and sales team who will be able to support and sell eresource’s product.


eresource Partner Network is structured into three partner categories based on the sales and services, namely, the referral partner (RP), the sales partner (SP) and the implementation partner (IP).

How To Become An Affiliate Partner

The Affiliate Partner Program is open to companies that own a website and possess certain IT skills. They receive 5% in referral fees on every sale they make. Some of the partners benefits include pre-sales support, post-sales support, sales leads, marketing strategies, trade shows, advertising, seminars, events, promotional offers, enquiries, support, special prices for cross upgrade, attractive margin, locking of cases, online support, product demonstration, online training, power point presentation skills, videos, live demos and registration.

Partnership Registration Form:

Partner's Benefit

  • Pre-Sales support
  • Post-Sales Support
  • Sales Leads
  • Marketing Strategies - We help you with
  • Trade shows
  • Advertising
  • Seminars
  • Events
  • Promotional offers
  • Enquiries
  • Support
  • Special prices for cross upgrade
  • Attractive margin
  • Locking of cases
  • Online Support
  • Product Demonstration
  • Online Training
  • Power Point presentation
  • Videos
  • Live Demos
  • Registration